Zoological Excurtions
around Lake Baikal

Our Books

Zoological Excurtions on South Baikal. Invertebrates. / Edited by V.G.Shilenkov. - Irkutsk, 2002. - 280 pp., hardbound, pocket size.

Popular field guide for terrestrial and freshwater invertebrates of Baikal region. Book includes 470 species, 811 color pictures.



Biodiversity in Baikal region. Proceedings of the Biology and Soil Department of the Irkutsk State University / Edited by V.G.Shilenkov

This series includes articles on taxonomy, faunistic and ecology of Siberian invertebrates. In Russian, with English abstracts. A5 format, paperbound.

Volumes 1,2,3,4,5 are available.




Problems of Invertebrate Taxonomy, Ecology and Toxicology / Edited by V.G.Shilenkov. - Irkutsk, 2000. - 128 pp., paperbound.

The book includes articles on entomology, hydrobiology and toxicology.

In Russian, with English abstracts.



V.G.Shilenkov. The Ground Beetles of the Genus Carabus L. (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of South Siberia. - Irkutsk, 1996. - 80 pp., paperbound.

Determination key for 46 species of South Siberian Carabus L. is given. Two new species and 18 new subspecies are described in appendix.



V.V.Takhteev. Esseyes on the amphipods of Lake Baikal (systematics, comparative ecology, evolution) - Irkutsk: Irkutsk State University Press, 2000. 355 pp., paperbound.

In the monography recent system of baikalian amphipods is critically examined, its revision at a level of families will be carried out. A few genera of amphipods with a various lifestyle (Pallasea, Acanthogammarus, Parapattasea, OmmMogammams) are also reconsidered. The special attention is given to the systematics of a parasitic genus Pachyschesis, with the description 12 species new for the science; their lifestyle and parasit-hosts specifity are characterized; general laws, connected with the transition of crustacean to the parasitism, are considered. The basic trends of an endemic evolution of the baikalian fauna of amphipods, evolutionary parallels between amphipods of Baikal and marine basins are described. The complete list of valid families, genera and species of baikalian Amphipoda is given.
For the scientists - zoologists, hydrobiologists, baikalogists, experts in the theory of the evolution, teachers of high schools, students and post-graduate students.



V.V.Takhteev. The Sea of Mystery. Storyes on Lake Baikal. - Irkutsk, 2001. - 160 pp., hardbound.

Popular book about nature, living organizms and modern problems of the Lake Baikal. In Russian.



S.I.Didorenko. The Baikal Land. Living Wonders. Fotoalbum - Irkutsk, 2001. - 64 pp.

The album includes 56 macrophotographs of animals and plants living in Baikal region.

Not available